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  • How to Get the Most Out of Parabolic SAR on Binomo

    How to Get the Most Out of Parabolic SAR on Binomo

      The Parabolic SAR or you can call it Parabolic Stop and Reverse is a trend-following indicator that helps traders to identify the upcoming possible trends and reversal points. You can easily find this indicator on the oscillator section of Binomo.   About Parabolic SAR ( Parabolic Stop & Reverse) J. Welles Wilder developed the […]

  • Awesome Oscillator on Binomo

    Awesome Oscillator on Binomo

    Intro : SMA (Median Price, 5) – SMA (median Price, 34) Where, SMA = Simple Moving Average Median Price = (High + low) / 2 AO ( Awesome Oscillator) is a technical analysis indicator developed by American Trader Bill Williams. This indicator was specially made for beginner-level traders and it helps traders and it helps […]

  • Exponential Moving Average on Binomo

    Exponential Moving Average on Binomo

    Intro: If you are trading for a while you must have witnessed the presence of a moving average indicator in almost all the trend indicators. Therefore, understanding the concept of moving average becomes upmost important.   There are basically three types of moving averages:-   SMA ( Simple Moving Average ) EMA ( Exponential moving […]

  • Stochastic Indicator on Binomo

    Stochastic Indicator on Binomo

    Intro:  Today, in this article, I am going to talk about the Stochastic Indicator which is one of the most popular momentum-based indicators you can find this indicator easily on Binomo.   About Stochastic   Stochastic indicator is a momentum indicator that helps traders to identify the upcoming trader and reversals.   This indicator is […]

  • How to trade on Binomo? – Beginners Guide

    Intro: If you are a social media user you must have heard or seen advertisement on the platform. Binomo is an innovative platform for trading online. They offer digital trading services where you can trade online and buy and sell currencies, stocks, and more.   Account type: The company offers two types of account and […]

  • What is Binomo & how it works?

    What is Binomo & how it works?

    What is Binomo?    Binomo is an online trading platform that introduced its trading services in 2014.   The company is owned and managed by Dolphin Corp. In this platform, you can trade stocks, commodities, indices or more.   The headquarter of the company is in Vincent and Grenadines.   You can start trading with […]

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