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  • Awesome Oscillator on Binomo

    Awesome Oscillator on Binomo

    Intro : SMA (Median Price, 5) – SMA (median Price, 34) Where, SMA = Simple Moving Average Median Price = (High + low) / 2 AO ( Awesome Oscillator) is a technical analysis indicator developed by American Trader Bill Williams. This indicator was specially made for beginner-level traders and it helps traders and it helps […]

  • Exponential Moving Average on Binomo

    Exponential Moving Average on Binomo

    Intro: If you are trading for a while you must have witnessed the presence of a moving average indicator in almost all the trend indicators. Therefore, understanding the concept of moving average becomes upmost important.   There are basically three types of moving averages:-   SMA ( Simple Moving Average ) EMA ( Exponential moving […]

  • Stochastic Indicator on Binomo

    Stochastic Indicator on Binomo

    Intro:  Today, in this article, I am going to talk about the Stochastic Indicator which is one of the most popular momentum-based indicators you can find this indicator easily on Binomo.   About Stochastic   Stochastic indicator is a momentum indicator that helps traders to identify the upcoming trader and reversals.   This indicator is […]

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