How to trade on Binomo? – Beginners Guide


If you are a social media user you must have heard or seen advertisements of the Binomo trading platform.

Binomo is an innovative platform for trading online. They offer digital trading services where you can trade online and buy and sell currencies, stocks, and more. 


Account type:

The company offers two types of account and facilitate their clients as per the account they deposit.


Demo account:

When you sign up, you are automatically granted a demo account. Where your rs 82000 virtual money via which you can trade and practice trading strategies.

This account is made especially for beginners who can experience the field of trading without using any actual capital. 


Real account:

Once you have gained enough experience in a demo account, you can now start a real account where you invest real money and earn real cash. 


In real account:

  • If … … … … … .. a minimum deposit of $5 only.
  • You can place deals for as low as $1.
  • You can earn a return of up to 85% on the amount … … … .
  • If you open a new account using our link you will get a return of 100% bonus on your first deposit.


How to trade on Binomo?

In Binomo you need to analyze the asset and predict whether the asset will be bullish or bearish


Firstly, select … … … … like here I have chosen… … ..


Now, you need to analyze whether the market will go up or down. If according to your analysis market will go up place buy trade and vice versa. 


Final words

Well, I have explained in detail as much as possible, as my top priority is to provide excellent quality articles, I wander after reading this article you will do good during trading and inspired others too. Best of luck!

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