What is Binomo & how it works?

What is Binomo?


  •  Binomo is an online trading platform that introduced its trading services in 2014.


  • The company is owned and managed by Dolphin Corp. In this platform, you can trade stocks, commodities, indices or more.


  • The headquarter of the company is in Vincent and Grenadines.


  • You can start trading with a minimum initial deposit of $10 and trade for as low as $1.


  • The trading platform is currently having 887,470 daily active trading from arrow 133 countries including India. 


  • The company is a beginner-friendly platform and they offer three types of account Demo account,  Real account and VIP account.


How does Binomo work?


Understanding Binomo isn’t a tough job you can easily understand by practising some trades on a demo account where you get $10,000 virtual clips.


Talking about how does Binomo works. In Binomo you need to predict the market condition. If the market is dominated by bull you need to place a buy trade similarly if the market is dominated by sellers or bears you need to place a sell trade for a specific period of time.


Later, the broker will check your trade if your trade is correct you will earn invested amount plus rate of return.



Binomo is one of the most easy-to-use trading platforms. This broker was established with the target of making a versatile trading facility. After witnessing all these categories on the Binomo platform you will note this platform is the best online trading simulator for sure. I can say that trading with Binomo is easier as their trading dashboard is quite easy to understand. I hope you have found the article useful and I am able to clear your doubts.





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